Those wacky Flozberks

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Anyone for a bit of sodomy, hilarity, tragedy, adultery, estrangement, heroin, money, pride, child abuse, gluttony, chicanery, emasculation, gonorrhea, affluenza, wrath, betrayal, narcissism, hoarding, cancer, suicide, meth, sloth, hatchet jobs, felonies, lawsuits, greed, exploitation, pills, animal neglect, lust, drunkenness, wastefulness, delusion, envy, vanity, corn log, elders rolling in their graves, and....

...a HONKIN' SHITLOAD of face tattoos?

Find that and much, MUCH more in this jaw-dropping slither through of 80+ years of family dysfunction in an ongoing jackass festival for the ages.

Uh, warning!  Adult themes and language and such, in case you've not already figured that out.

Enter The Flozberks...IF YOU DARE


In a deep study of The Flozberks, we have discerned an impressively long list of similarities between them and the Trumps.

Enter The Flozberks...IF YOU DARE


These are my experiences.
Any resemblance to any persons living and dead is purely intentional.
Should you know or encounter anyone depicted on this site,
I suggest you show them compassion and guidance.
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs
may increase your risk of foodborne illness.
Comments and corrections are always welcome.